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A report of the whole proceedings on the trial of Henry Sheares and John Sheares, Esquires, for high treason : tried by special commission, before the Right Hon. Lord Carleton, the Hon. Mr. Justice Crookshank, and the Hon. Mr. Baron Smith. At the Sessions House and a respectable jury of the city of Dublin, on Thursday, July the 12th, and Friday, July the 13th, 1798. To which is annexed, a report of the trials at large of John M'cann, and W.M. Byrne, Esquire, of Rathdowny, county of Wicklow, for high treason. Tried by the above special commission, before the Hon. Mr. Baron Smith, the Hon. Mr. Baron George, and the Hon. Mr. Justice Day; and a respectable jury of the city of Dublin. At the Sessions-House, on Tuesday the 17th, Wednesday the 18th, Friday the 20th, and Saturday the 21st July, 1798. Of which crimes the said Henry & John Shears, John-M'cann, and Will. Michael Byrne, were found guilty. With a particular account of the behaviour of Henry and John Sheares, at the place of execution

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